A National One Voice ‘Shared Values’ Education Initiative was launched in January 2017. In support of the ‘Educate against Hate’ and anti-radicalisation strategies, One Voice proposes that a positive approach should be taken ‘promote’. Promote integration, co-operation and understanding through providing people with a common purpose or endeavour. One Voice also draws attention to the concept of shared moral values and a moral code by which the majority of moderate British Citizens live.

Path to Peace Music Video

Resources: Teaching and Music

This year for Bridgewater Hall Concert there will be three songs to learn:
2 x for the children (One Voice Celebration and  A Path to Peace).
1 x for adults (teachers, parents, local communities etc) ‘Learn your lessons well’. We are encouraging schools to invite parents/grandparents, local communities to learn the song and then perform it to the children. 
The Bridgewater Hall has been booked for the 20th May. The Mayor of Greater Manchester will be attending. He has also expressed his interested in visiting some schools in the run up to the concert.
All Resources you need are on this page, just click the links below: