Dame Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench

"I couldn't be more supportive of this project."

Thelma Stober

Thelma Stobar (OneVoice Ambassador)

"'How beautiful this could be if we could all help each other and love one another and find our path to peace. My involvement in events like these, no matter how small reinforces that God had a purpose for my life'."


Manchester United & Manchester City

The players of Manchester City and Manchester United send their support for your concert in the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.

Andy Burnham

Andy Burnham

"The One Voice Celebration is so important. It is a beacon of light and hope from the children of Manchester."

Jim Nicholson

Jim Nicholson

"One Voice offers all, an incredible opportunity to come together, to express a common belief of respect and harmony; to demystify and understand our differences and feel part of a community that stands together so that our children may feel part of a more secure and loving world."

Jim Carter

Jim Carter

" I think that One Voice is a great initiative and it's inspiring to see members of the Forces, from all faiths and backgrounds, setting a fine example of how religious faith can unite people behind a good cause, rather than be a cause of divisiveness. I'd like to send all my best wishes to the group and encourage them in their efforts to make music and bring people together.

Well done."


Joanna Lumley

"This is such a touching and important initiative."

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Fergurson

"Sir Alex Furgerson sends his best wishes for your concert."

Dame Kathy August

Dame Kathy August (OneVoice Ambassador)

"The message of one voice has never been so important"