One Voice Initiative Objective:

Inspiring Integration
Promoting British Values
Developing critical thinking
Encouraging spiritual, moral, social and cultural co-operation
Supporting ‘educate against hate’ objectives and the ‘prevent’ agenda



One Voice was established in 2014 . Members from diverse backgrounds across the UK Armed Forces recorded a music single and documentary, The primary aim was to demonstrate that social harmony can be achieved through uniting people in a common purpose. Under the patronage of Dame Judi Dench, the award winning project with its sincere message has reached the hearts of tens of thousands of people internationally. Learn More

Diwali Festival, Trafalgar Square 2018


One Voice endeavours to support any requests. Please follow the link below to learn more about concerts, events and efforts that One Voice has supported to date.

. Learn More

One Voice Education Initiative 2017 – 2018


Secretary of State for Education Mr Damian Hinds

One Voice really came to attention of the nation in the wake of tragedy (in Manchester). That ray of hope that you demonstrated through what you did, is genuinely one of those events of inspiration to so many people. I want to commend you and encourage you to carry on all the positive work through music and all the other aspects of One Voice

Media and news coverage of One Voice Initiative.Learn More

One Voice Mission Statement

” There is a place where fear and hatred are nothing but thorns upon a rose,
Where our children can play without concern for creed for colour or for religion,
This is a city that we can build.
We have One Hope.
We are One Voice 

Next Steps…

How do you get involved? You have been inspired to read about our work and we hope that you will continue to further it in your own way. Contact us via the contact page. Here are some ideas:

EVENTS. Hold a One Voice school or community concert – One Voice members will attend or feature in your event.

PROMOTE ONE VOICE. Buy One Voice wrist bands and jumoers for your organisation, family or school

INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKERS. Invite One Voice members to speak or perform at your event.

SUPPORT. Display a One Voice window sticker in your place of worship, school, car, home … in support of a unified community…help to make England a moral leader and beacon or light in a divided world.

Call to Action